Hey Chicago-land, it's been quite a ridiculously, crazy, emotional time, to say the very least. During this period, let us continue to encourage each other to be the good change we all want to see. Hope you all are staying safe and healthy.

And speaking of healthy, here are a few new things going on at our Country Club Hills location. The Gumbo Jams, Happy Hours, and Nita's at Night were all great fun, but we're gonna have to put that on pause. We really appreciate the overwhelming response but with everything going on, we would rather have you be safe.

For the time being, and perhaps the future, you will now order at the counter for To Go or To Sit in our socially distant seating area. New way to Chase? Yup. It is what it is, right?

If you're sitting with us, by all means, enjoy one of our refreshing beverages.

We know that it's hard to stay positive, but we at Nita's Gumbo want you to know, all is not lost. We will make it through, and may this refreshed love for one another usher in a new era of respect and dignity for us all. Stay strong Chasers.




It was a natural BLOW OUT!!! You could barely get in the place. People were in line before the joint even opened.

First, the Gumbo was THE Bomb!!! Good grief. When I saw the new Cajun Boil come out, I knew that would be my next choice when I came back. Tried the Gumbo Wings...delicious like everyone has been telling me.

Next, the music was great! A perfect addition to such a lively atmosphere, complete with beautiful paintings depicting the soul of New Orleans and Nita's Gumbo.

Last, the biggest treat, aside from the phenomenal food, was having Miss Anita Doty, the inspiration and name sake of Nita's Gumbo, present to delight in the festivities, great the guests, and even say a few words.

If you missed out, make sure you make your way in to Taste the Chase. Check out the new menu here.

Music: Verzatile Band. Vocalist: Akai Carter

No time to sit? No problem. For faster service, try the Express Buffet, hot and ready to fit your on-the-go lifestyle.

Remember Nita's Gumbo cooks it fresh and we'll make it worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon. Until then, Chase on Chicago-land!


Dino Dean sits down with Anita Doty to learn about Nita's Gumbo history.

The Black Foodies, Dino Dean and Miss Corettta, stopped by the new Country Club Hills location and spent some time Tasting the Chase with THE Anita Doty. From Nita's Signature Gumbo to Shrimp and Grits and Chicken Po' Boys, The Black Foodies didn't hold back telling it like it is. See what they both had to say about Nita's delicious dishes.

Thank you Black Foodies! We appreciate you visiting us and look forward to having you back soon!

If you're not following them yet, you should. Check them out on You Tube for more tantalizing delights throughout Chicago-land

The Black Foodies give their review after the Chase!!


The Hungry Black Man, food critic extraordinaire, hung out with the crew, and sampled some of Nita’s Gumbo. So gracious in his thoughtful article, you'll laugh out loud when you read his review. Click here and find out what The Hungry Black Man had to say about Nita's Gumbo.

Thank you Hungry Black Man for allowing Nita’s Gumbo to surprise you for lunch. Feel free to come on back and Taste the Chase anytime.

Be sure to follow The Hungry Black Man and his food adventures at thehungryblackman.com.

The Hungry Black Man beams with Nita's Gumbo namesake, Anita Dotty.

Cynjora Ross, Manager, and The Hungry Black Man outside Nita's Gumbo.

Congratulations Muhammad!! Winner of free tickets & Gumbo

Tune in to Power 92.3 from 7 to 10PM every Sunday for your chance to win a free bowl of Nita's Signature Gumbo, and two tickets to Raw TV Radio Comedy Explosion starring Michael Blackson!!!!

Thank you WPWX! We're grateful for your participation in spreading the word!!

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Congratulations to Ashley King on her 2 tickets & Gumbo...another winner!!


Summer Jackson, segment producer and on-air contributor for "You & Me This Morning”, stopped by and spent a little time with Anita, the crew, and sampled some of Nita’s Gumbo tasty delights. When asked about how Anita achieved her signature gumbo taste, Ms. Jackson got quite the response. Did Anita give any clues to her gumbo recipe? Click here and find out what Anita had to say.

Thanks to Summer, Melissa and Jeanne for allowing Nita’s Gumbo to bring the Chase to their place. A great time was had by all.

Be sure to tune in every morning to find out what these ladies are up to next!

Summer Jackson asks Anita about the secrets to her Signature Gumbo.

From left to right: Melissa Forman, Anita Dotty, Denise Edge, and Jeanne Sparrow.



Johnny Thomas Chases the Taste. Here’s what he has to say:

“The food is really good just pick anything on the menu can't go wrong”


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